3 Commercial Automation Upgrades That Will Thrill Your Customers

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3 Commercial Automation Upgrades That Will Thrill Your Customers

Commercial Audio Video Keeps Your Raleigh Clients Entertained

3 Commercial Automation Upgrades That Will Thrill Your Customers

Standing out from the crowd can be tough, especially in a bustling city like Raleigh. But it’s not impossible, and with the right commercial automation features, you can be sure to impress your clients.

Today’s media-savvy customers desire greater amounts of visual and audio stimulation, as well as increased amounts of interactivity.

The good news is that integrated technology makes it easy to satisfy everyone in your shop, restaurant, or waiting room while still simplifying operations for your staff.

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Gated-Access Wi-Fi

Only a few businesses operating today can do it without Wi-Fi. It’s become an essential part of our everyday lives, and has completely transformed the way companies, restaurants, and more function.

But it’s not just behind the counter where Wi-Fi matters; your customers want to enjoy the benefits of connectivity, too.

Rather than an increased overhead cost, this presents an opportunity for your business to get in touch with your customers a little more.

When you set up a gated access Wi-Fi interface, you can ask for simple information to let your customers use the internet. Once you have that info, you can more easily customize your operations to keep them coming back.


Streaming Audio

Nothing makes people feel more welcome than the right playlist. Whether they’re sitting quietly in the lobby or eating a meal, the right soundtrack can help them relax and spend more time in your space.

Audio distribution solutions are perfect for minimizing peak audio hotspots and playing music at an even level. They can entertain everyone without disturbing them, so conversations can stay at a reasonable volume.

Plus, the additional sound can help add privacy to your space. Your customers can hear each other, but not the talk that’s happening at the next table over.


Dynamic Video

Integrated video displays are essential for any sports bar, but they can have a big impact on other business ventures too.

For instance, you can play the Panthers’ game in your barber shop, or stream classic movies in your vintage boutique. Plus, you can upload your own videos and play them in your waiting room to help inform customers of what’s going on that day.

A dynamic video distribution solution can be customized to fit your needs.


If you’re looking for ways to enhance your business with commercial automation, consider the way it impacts your customers first.

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