3 Essential Technologies You Need in a Modern Home Theater

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3 Essential Technologies You Need in a Modern Home Theater

Every home theater installation is different. Here’s how to get the most out of yours.

3 Essential Technologies You Need in a Modern Home Theater

Modern home theaters are not what you'd expect. Rather than the traditional, rigid megaplex style that's been popular for decades, contemporary configurations tend toward the casual. Raleigh, NC homeowners, prefer versatile spaces that allow them to consume all of their favorite content – movies, sports, video games, and music. And thanks to technological developments, a home theater installation can fit just about any lifestyle. But with so many variables at play, you should know the basic systems you’ll need to get the most out of your experience. Here’s what you need to know.

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Every home theater needs a display, but modern theaters don’t always feature the traditional screen-and-projector combo. Instead, many homeowners enjoy the versatility of 4K or 8K smart televisions. Featuring technologies like HDR, OLED, and HFR, TV has never looked better, and it offers an image that competes with (and in some cases surpasses) projectors.

But if you’re interested in the benefits of a projector (large image, space conservation), contemporary units are worth a look. Rather than the old-fashioned drop-down units you're familiar with, modern ultra-short throw projectors sit close to the wall. They're encased in beautiful cabinetry that becomes as much a piece of furniture as a video display. It's a stylish and space-saving addition to your home.

Immersive Audio

Immersive audio has taken some strides to become an essential part of your everyday life. While initial systems required multi-channel setups configured around your room (in front of, behind, and above the listener), Dolby Atmos and other audio leaders have consolidated their sound into single-unit soundbars. The soundbars contain multiple channels but take up far less space. They’re a versatile way to get the most out of your audio.

Lighting Control

Smart lighting is essential for your home theater because you can dim all the lights in the room with the touch of a button. But it’s much more than a fancy dimmer – it can set the exact scene you need for enjoying your content while also helping you feel better throughout the day.

When you're ready for movie night, tap the appropriate scene icon on your controller, and watch the lights dim to the proper setting. If you'd prefer to leave individual lights on while others turn off, you can easily arrange it with a few taps and quickly save it.

And modern lighting control goes one step further by giving you control over the intensity of the lights. Tunable systems adjust the color temperature as well as the brightness so that you can enjoy softer light in certain areas and more intense light in others. It will help you concentrate on what's happening on screen while still enjoying the benefits of an illuminated space.

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