3 of the Best Commercial Audio Video Technologies for Boardrooms

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3 of the Best Commercial Audio Video Technologies for Boardrooms

Explore the Essential Upgrades for Your Raleigh, NC Conference Room

3 of the Best Commercial Audio Video Technologies for Boardrooms

At Top Shelf AVS, we are always helping local North Carolina businesses enhance their technology presence.

We are passionate believers that improved technology boosts local companies – whether it’s for client-facing or internal purposes.

Much of our work involves overhauling local conference rooms. So, in this post, we share three of the best commercial audio video technologies for boardrooms here in the Raleigh, NC area.

Best of all, if you find yourself interested in one of these solutions, our team expertly can install it for you – regardless of whether you’re building a brand-new boardroom or simply want to add to an existing one.

Just keep reading below to find out more.

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1) 4K Ultra HD Projector and Video Camera

One of the essential elements of today’s conference rooms is video distribution technology.

Consider the number of times your business might use a boardroom projector – to showcase presentations, host video teleconferences, and so much more.

It, therefore, makes the most sense to include 4K Ultra HD-resolution devices.

Think of it this way: If you are presenting an important company announcement, you will want your projector to deliver the best resolution possible, right? That way, everyone can clearly view the screen and receive the most vital information.

Or, if you are on a video teleconference with a potential business partner, you surely will want your boardroom to be broadcast in seamless high definition to demonstrate the professionalism of your office.

By including a 4K webcam and projector in your boardroom, you will establish a more high-performing conference room environment.

2) Interactive Whiteboard

Today’s best conference rooms feature intelligent whiteboards that serve multiple purposes for local businesses.

Of course, they can serve the traditional purpose of taking notes with a marker and eraser – perfect for brainstorming sessions.

Interactive whiteboards, though, allow your team to digitize notes and share them through email or other digital file-sharing methods. Now, you can take your whiteboard notes back to your office for more efficient project execution.

Your brand-new whiteboard also can double as a screen for web browsing and projection. This makes it the perfect multi-purpose technology for modern conference rooms.

3) Microphones and Speakers

High-end audio technology is especially important for businesses that often conduct boardroom teleconferences.

If you find that your counterparts often struggle to hear members of your team during conference calls, it might mean that your boardroom needs an audio upgrade.

Our team will then install powerful microphones and speakers that allow everyone in your boardroom not only to hear every part of the discussion but also be able to contribute to the conversation.

It’s a win-win for everyone: your team will conduct more efficient meetings, and your counterparts will enjoy an improved audio quality and a better call experience.

Top Shelf AVS looks forward to partnering with local Raleigh-area and North Carolina businesses to improve their commercial audio video presence.

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