5 Advantages of a Smart Home Surveillance System

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5 Advantages of a Smart Home Surveillance System

How These Smart Surveillance Features Provide a Level of Unmatched Home Security

5 Advantages of a Smart Home Surveillance System

The world isn’t like it used to be. As the population has grown, so has innovation. What was unheard of years ago is now a reality: smart cars, smart homes, artificial intelligence, and even rockets that can land themselves! Yet, even though more people make our world a better place, there are some drawbacks. One of them is crime.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to have a home that is safe and secure for your family. Business owners recognize the necessity of property security, and so should you. After all, savvy thieves can circumvent older home security systems easily. Instead of leaving your home in Burlington, NC, vulnerable to break-ins, it’s time to consider a smart home surveillance system.

Keep reading to learn five state-of-the-art features of smart home security.

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Automatic Mobile Alerts

Bet your old security system can’t talk to you! One of the most impressive features of a smart surveillance system is its mobile alert functionality. When your cameras detect something unusual on your property, a door or window is open, or someone has breached an invisible perimeter, you’ll receive an immediate alert. Whether you’re asleep in bed or miles away from home, your system monitors your property 24 hours a day and keeps you up-to-date about potential threats. The system can also trigger your smart lights to turn on if an intruder is detected.

Face Recognition and Object Filtering

You’re probably wondering about false alerts. Older surveillance systems tried to be smart, but they missed the mark. Homeowners would receive alerts if a cat passed by a camera or a family member was trying to get in the front door but forgot their keys. Now, due to artificial intelligence, your cameras recognize faces and objects.

Using advanced video analytics with pattern-based algorithms and proven AI technology, your home surveillance system identifies details like license plates, facial features, and other objects. So, if a stray dog enters your yard, the system won’t “sound the alarm.” However, if the cameras notice an unrecognized person or vehicle on your property, then you’ll know about it as soon as possible.

High-Resolution Cameras

You enjoy watching 4K TV shows and movies in your home theater; so why can’t your security cameras provide the same resolution? Now, they can! Today’s smart surveillance cameras offer the highest level of detail to capture clear images of everything on your property. A burglar might as well take a selfie if they try to break into your home, because that’s how good the image is. In addition, your camera can zoom, tilt, and pan to capture images from any angle. Cameras also include night-vision features, ensuring your family is protected 24 hours a day.

Smart Cameras Can Take the Heat

Here’s where it gets really high tech! Burglars can’t hide from a thermal security camera. These smart devices detect heat, which means they see intruders in the day, at night, and during any weather condition – such as rain, fog, smoke, or snow. In fact, even if someone is hiding in the shrubbery, your cameras can see them. Also, they have long-range capabilities. Because image resolution isn’t as important with thermal cameras, they recognize heat sources from 100 feet away and further. Unless your intruder is a cold robot, they won’t have a chance of circumventing your home security system.

Smart Recorders & Seamless Control

Find the footage you need in a matter of seconds. Instead of sorting through hours of footage, type in what you’re looking for (i.e., package on porch, person in backyard, white car in driveway), and the system will find it for you. Smart home security recorders search through all the footage to locate a match. Once programmed, you can even search for a family member to make sure he took out the trash like he was supposed to.


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