Can Your Lighting Control System Do This?

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Can Your Lighting Control System Do This?

4 Features to Enjoy with Lutron Lighting Control in Your Chapel Hill Home

Can Your Lighting Control System Do This?

A few years ago, it seemed that inexpensive lighting kits rose in popularity: You could go to almost any store and purchase a DIY lighting kit that you could operate with your phone. But do these devices, though entertaining and cheap, really provide all that you’re looking for in a lighting control system? Once you see everything lighting can accomplish, we bet you’ll answer that question with a definitive “No.”

In this blog, we’ll explore the multifaceted benefits you’ll get from Lutron lighting and how Top Shelf AV can help you achieve each. Curious to learn our preferred system’s unexpected perks and how you can enjoy them in your North Carolina home? Keep reading!

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1) Play Along With Your Lifestyle

This year’s Lutron booth at CEDIA gave showgoers a taste for how well-designed lighting can blend into a resident’s daily lifestyle. One button press prepared a room for a movie, showing us dim accent lighting that focused all the attention on the display without leaving anyone in total darkness. With another click, the lighting control transformed the room into a peaceful bedtime space, an ideal dining scene and a festive party.

Top Shelf AV sets up your lighting with your ideal day in mind. As a result, your fixtures can seamlessly interact to form your preferred lighting scenes. We design and program each fixture, from main and accent lighting, chandeliers and sconces, to integrate into one-touch scenes, so you never have to fumble with countless switches and dimmers to evoke the right mood.


2) Enhance Wellness

Humans spend a vast majority - about 90 percent - of their days inside, according to a recent study. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting the light we need indoors, or at least, without the help of technology. Lutron’s Ketra introduced the industry standard in circadian lighting, which mimics the sun’s evolving brightness and tone throughout the day. Best of all, Ketra adjusts these settings automatically, according to light sensors that detect levels in the room.

Research shows that we need higher-Kelvin lighting (brighter, cool-toned) to power through tasks and lower-Kelvin lighting (warmer, amber-toned) to wind down and prepare for sleep. Think of a morning sun versus a sunset, for reference. Though our constant screen time and exposure to long hours in fluorescent offices throw off our natural balance, human-centric lighting finally breaks this cycle, giving users more peaceful rest and energetic days; rinse and repeat.

3) Stay Safe

Though not often mentioned alongside cameras, surveillance tools and alarms, lighting plays a role in protecting your home. How? Since criminals want to hide their activity, any illumination around the prospective crime scene threatens their plan. You can also connect your lighting to your security suite, so a flashing light appears when an unwelcome visitor arrives.

Lighting provides other safety benefits outside of crime prevention, too. Pathway lights outside your house can give you and visitors a clear path inside; occupancy sensors can trigger the lights as soon as someone pulls up the driveway.


4) Complement Your Design

One of the most fun lighting features is that every detail can enhance your design, from the fixture itself to their placement. But did you know that some of your home’s elements can completely transform with an LED color change? For example, Lutron’s CEDIA experience center showcased a modern art piece with magenta light. When the demonstrator switched to a blue light, the painting looked nearly unrecognizable, as the colors shifted drastically.

Think of how much more festive you can make your space this season when you use colorful lighting all over the house, including outdoors. No matter where your illumination is or how many fixtures you’re controlling, you’ll find all lighting management centralized within your control panels for the most user-friendly access. 

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If you looked through the list and said “No” to any of these items, we think you deserve lighting that suits your lifestyle needs, from sound sleep to seamless design. Ready to get started with a free consultation? Call us at (919) 408-7451, or contact us here. We look forward to speaking with you!