Do You Want an Easier Way to Listen to Your Streaming Services?

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Do You Want an Easier Way to Listen to Your Streaming Services?

Control4 Simplifies Streaming for Whole House Audio Systems

Do You Want an Easier Way to Listen to Your Streaming Services?

Change can be good, but it can also be scary. When you think you’ve got things just about right, new feature comes out promising to make it better. But is it really worth the risk? After all, you don’t want to ruin a good thing!

So, for many music lovers, the idea of upgrading to Control4 whole home audio is a daunting one. Sure, the system will be easier to use, you can stream to any room with ease, and also create custom scenes that play the perfect playlist while also setting lights and climate to the ideal settings. But will it mean abandoning your favorite content and devices?

There's excellent news -- Control4 is compatible with thousands of your favorite devices and streaming services. Find out more here.

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The first thing you think about when it comes to any audio system is probably the hardware. The speakers, receivers, switches, and more are all part of the equation. While Control4 offers plenty of solutions, you can also integrate your system with your existing hardware. So, if you love Sonos or have built the perfect Marantz audio system, you can continue to enjoy them with more straightforward controls.

Sonos, particularly, has made a splash on the audio industry. Few companies offer better wireless audio options. The dedicated app allows you to access numerous streaming services to the speakers themselves, which offer Trueplay that calibrates them flawlessly to any room. Sonos integrates seamlessly, and you can use the system directly from the Control4 app.

You can also integrate your favorite hardwired music systems, Lutron lighting control, Apple TV, and more. Of course, one of the most exciting developments over the past few years has been voice control. Control4 also seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa -- which you can control by installing an Echo or Echo Dot speaker.

Streaming Apps

Along with keeping the hardware you love, you still want to access the music libraries you enjoy every day. Control4 also seamlessly integrates with Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal -- plus your personal collection -- so you never miss a beat.

With the Control4 app, you can easily select from many high-fidelity streaming services. Play one in one room, and a different one in the next. Or stream a single playlist throughout the entire house.


Want to learn more about the ways Control4 can help you elevate your music-listening experience? Click here, call us at (919) 408-7451, or chat with us on the right.