Enhance the Experience in Your Restaurant With Commercial Audio Video

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Enhance the Experience in Your Restaurant With Commercial Audio Video

Enhance the Experience in Your Restaurant With Commercial Audio Video

Enhance the Experience in Your Restaurant With Commercial Audio Video

There are two things that keep customers coming back to restaurants over and over again: the menu and the atmosphere. And while we can’t help you with the former, as a custom technology integrator operating in Raleigh, NC, the latter is a specialty of ours. We help install easy-to-use commercial audio video systems that helps your restaurant stand out. But how can it help your business? We’ve put together this blog to let you know! If you want to draw more business with smart solutions, read below.


Streaming Video        

Cord cutting is a huge money saver at home, but ditching cable isn’t always as easy in a commercial space. Some business owners think that operating without cable would be more expensive or complicated. But, actually, the opposite is often true! By installing the right gear, you can dump the cable company and only pay for the services you’re actually going to use – plus simplify the controls so your staff has an easier time managing it.

By enhancing network speeds and increasing your bandwidth, your multiple TV monitors can support different apps that deliver just the content you want. Whether you run a sports bar and want to stream the MLB and NFL networks or you’re looking for old movies for a chill atmosphere, you can enhance the experience without spending more on big cable packages.

Plus, when you integrate with a smart control system, you can find every app on a single, intuitive interface. Your bartenders and servers can satisfy each customer more quickly by finding the appropriate content and streaming it in full HD quality without a hassle.

Streaming Audio

Did you know that playing the right music can affect the way your customers purchase? According to Motivemetrics, everything from the volume to the tempo and the genre can affect how and what your customers buy. That means you want to stream the right music at the right volume to get your customers to stay and make more purchases.

For instance, if you’re running a cool cocktail lounge, you may not want to blast heavy metal. That may seem pretty obvious, but depending on the position of the speakers, your system may sound louder to one customer than the next. Consult your integrator to design a system that evenly distributes the sound across the entirety of the space, so no area is too loud and everyone can enjoy it.

Moreover, your cocktail lounge probably doesn’t need the up-tempo rhythms of a heavy metal soundtrack. If you’re trying to get customers to sit longer and engage in conversation, perhaps choose a playlist that’s mellow and easy to talk over. Your staff can easily navigate the different playlists via the same device and interface – computer, smartphone or tablet – that they use to choose different video apps. 

Does upgrading your commercial audio video system sound good to you? Contact Top Shelf AVS for more information!