How to Find the Right Speaker for Your Space

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How to Find the Right Speaker for Your Space

Build a Better Music System With These Audio Tips

How to Find the Right Speaker for Your Space

Audiophiles know how vital the right speaker is to their listening experience. But if you're not an expert on home audio, you may be confused as to which speaker is right for which application.

That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy the best experience possible though! Instead, you can enjoy better quality listening when you have a simple understanding of the differences between speaker types and how to use them.

We’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide on the different kinds of speakers you can use as part of the whole home audio system in your Chapel Hill, NC property. And we’ll show you how to simply connect each device and stream lossless music with smart controls.


Floor Standing Speakers

The most common image of a speaker is likely the big, boxy units positioned in front of the listener and firing outward. These hefty devices are called floor standing speakers, for obvious reasons.

The size of the cabinet allows for robust and resonant sound production. High-end devices are delicately manufactured from specialty materials for the cabinet, tweeters, and woofers, to offer the most significant detail within the highest and lowest notes possible.

With floor standing speakers, the placement is essential. For the best sound imaging -- the effect that makes your music sound as if it’s in a 3D environment -- expert designers can build an optimized listening room.

Bookshelf Speakers

Many casual listeners will likely be drawn to bookshelf speakers. These units often appear as smaller versions of the larger floor standing speakers. However, while constructed with care, they apply best for those who want the simplest solutions.

Wireless audio manufacturers like Sonos produce bookshelf speakers, some of which have 360-degree firing angles. No matter where you are in the room, you’ll get the same quality music. However, as you approach or move away from the speaker, it will become more or less comfortable to listen to.

Invisible Speakers

For a more reliable and better sounding solution, homeowners can install recessed speakers in their rooms and hallways.

Recessed speakers are small units that are built into the ceiling or wall. They’re roughly the same size as LED lighting fixtures, so they blend in with the surrounding room easily.

The benefit of recessed speakers is that you can enjoy high-quality audio without peak areas in every room of your home. An expert installation means placing and calibrating each speaker for even sound. Plus, you don’t have to worry about devices or wires cluttering up your space.

Controlling Your System

With so much technology in your space, you may think you’ll have to learn complex controls. Instead, you can make it easier than ever with a Control4 system.


Control4 allows you to select a song or playlist and play it in any room of your home. You can stream music all over your home, or in just one room. You can enjoy lossless audio in any room with a few taps on your control device.

Plus, you can create scenes that bring all your technology together. Combine controls of your lights, music and more to craft the perfect listening environment anywhere on your property.

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