Home Surveillance System 101: What You Need to Know

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Home Surveillance System 101: What You Need to Know

Start with the basics to keep your property safe

Home Surveillance System 101: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re leaving the house to get groceries or traveling halfway around the world on your next big vacation, you always want to keep an eye on things back home in Raleigh, NC. As part of a total security package, smart cameras can help you see what’s going on in and around your property at all times. But do you need a full home surveillance system to keep you safe? Keep reading to find out.


What Is a Home Surveillance System?

A home surveillance system is a way to keep a visual record of your property. Cameras are connected, through wires or network connections, to a recording device where footage is stored to be reviewed later. They're designed for heavy-duty recording and storage, making them perfect for large, elaborate homes, MDUs, and commercial applications.

If you don’t live in a multi-building compound, you probably won’t need a full-scale home surveillance system. There simply isn’t enough activity to make it worthwhile. Instead, you’ll likely want to invest in a more practical series of smart security cameras. That way, you can keep an eye on things in and around your home at all times.

Surveillance Vs. Smart Security Camera

So, what’s the difference between a surveillance camera and a smart security camera? Simply put, surveillance systems are used to record, while smart security cameras are designed for real-time streaming.

A smart camera can connect directly to your smartphone so you can remotely control, review, and access your device. Plus, they can connect to other cameras or other security devices to enhance your protection.

Smart cameras aren’t designed for long-term storage and generally lack a lot of memory, but they’re perfect for mid-sized properties that need some extra protection and to give homeowners more peace of mind.

Integration Leads to Greater Control

As your system continues to grow, you'll want your cameras to connect to alarms, sensors, and lights for even greater safety. And you can also integrate your security features with an easy-to-use smart home system. With a single touch, you can affect your AV system, lights, shades, thermostat, and security features.

A surveillance system is an independently operated ecosystem. Where appropriate, it can help homeowners and business owners alike keep their space safe.

But for most homes, you’ll do better with an integrated smart security camera system and integrated home automation.

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