How Control4 OS 3 Transforms Your Whole Home Audio Experience

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How Control4 OS 3 Transforms Your Whole Home Audio Experience

Greater Control. Easier Access. More Fun.

How Control4 OS 3 Transforms Your Whole Home Audio Experience

There’s nothing better than kicking back with your favorite tunes – unless you can do it in any room of your Raleigh, NC property. A whole home audio system lets you stream high-quality music throughout your spaces; in the hallway, the bedroom, and anywhere else! And with the latest update from the leader in smart home automation, Control4, taking command of your entertainment has never been easier. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can get more out of your Control4 entertainment system with OS 3. Keep reading to learn more.


Reimagine Entertainment with “Sessions”

Control4 knows that the cornerstone of an effective and efficient system is a comprehensive, user-friendly interface. That’s why they’ve overhauled their music interface with “Sessions.”

“Sessions” puts control of your entire whole home audio system in the palm of your hand. Know what’s playing in each room, adjust the volume for each zone, add or remove rooms, and turn everything off without switching screens.

On the new interface, you can expect to see an active media bar featuring the song, artist, album, and art. Volume sliders simplify adjustments. And the “now playing” bar lets you play, pause, or skip tracks in each room.

With “Sessions,” your whole home audio experience is easier to enjoy than ever before.

The Apps You Love

The smart home company has always remained at the forefront of technology, and that includes crafting systems with native access to popular streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. And as the apps continue to improve, so does Control4.

With OS 3, users can now enjoy lossless streaming from Spotify and Tidal Masters. MQA, the popular lossless file format, has transformed what listeners can hear on their systems. Rather than removing bits of information and offering low-quality sound reproduction like MP3, MQA delivers uncompressed audio over a wireless network.

That means listeners literally hear more than they do with MP3 and other streaming services.

Get More with OS 3

Plus, OS 3 improves the Control4 experience beyond whole home audio. It’s a whole new way to simplify your smart home.

“Favorites” allow you to assemble your most-used functions into a single menu for easy access. You can now consolidate all similar functions for your entire home into a single screen; view your whole security or entertainment system at a glance. And you can even customize the look of your interface with the new wallpaper function. Choose from a curated library or from your own collection of images.

And, of course, you can enjoy total control on your Android or iPhone.

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