How Much Do You Know About Tunable Lighting Systems?

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How Much Do You Know About Tunable Lighting Systems?

It’s not just about dimmers. Tunable lighting helps support health and wellness.

How Much Do You Know About Tunable Lighting Systems?

If you have a home lighting control system in your Morehead City, NC property, you know how much convenience it adds to your everyday life. From efficient dimming to automated adjustments, your system helps you enjoy elegant, beautiful lighting from morning until night.

But what if it could also help you feel better throughout the day? With a tunable lighting system, your fixtures can automatically adjust to reflect your natural circadian rhythms, helping you feel awake and refreshed or ready for bed, depending on the time of day. Want to learn more? Keep reading.


What Is Tunable Light?

When the sun rises, it looks a specific way. As the day gets older and it moves across the sky, it looks brighter and the light of the world seems a little brighter. And when it begins to set, shadows get longer, the light gets dimmer, and you become gradually more used to the oncoming dark.

Your body reacts to the changing light throughout the day, due to a function called circadian rhythms. Generally, humans are awake in the daytime and asleep at night. That’s not just because it’s convenient – it’s the natural way we’re programmed.

But with artificial light, that’s not always the case. Have you ever stayed up late watching TV in a brightly lit room, then turned everything off and tried to get some sleep? No matter how tired you are, it’s hard. That’s because your body’s circadian rhythms have been disrupted. Artificial light tends to stay at the same brightness and color temperature no matter what time of day it is. It doesn’t change like the sun.

With a tunable system, your light will automatically adjust to match the appropriate color temperature throughout the day. During the morning, the light will burn cooler and emit a slightly yellow hue. In the afternoon, the light will become hotter and be closer to white or even bluish. The gradual adjustments make these changes nearly imperceptible to the naked eye (your light will always look white), but your body and brain will respond.

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