How Natural Commercial Lighting Control Keeps Your Team Healthy and Productive

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How Natural Commercial Lighting Control Keeps Your Team Healthy and Productive

Tunable Smart Lighting Helps Your Business

How Natural Commercial Lighting Control Keeps Your Team Healthy and Productive

One look at lighting innovator Ketra’s website, and you’ll immediately see copy imploring you to “breathe light into your space.”

It may seem a bit poetic, dramatic even. But the truth is, it’s not far from accurate. A heavily studied subject by medical professionals, lighting conditions have proven time and again to be inextricably linked to productivity and mental well-being.

In other words: light is as important as air.

That’s especially true in a working environment. The right lighting -- especially natural light -- means the difference between a happy, healthy team and a miserable one.

How can you reap the benefits by upgrading the commercial lighting control system in your Durham, NC business? Find out below.


Fluorescent Light and “Stress Response”

Before getting into how your lighting control system can improve health and productivity, let’s talk about how your current fluorescent lights are negatively impacting your staff.

First developed in the 1930s, it took nearly 40 years for fluorescent bulbs to rise to prominence in offices across the United States. The oil crisis of the 1970s prompted business owners to look for cheap, efficient lighting systems. Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) became the standard for commercial lighting for the next few decades.

Around the same time fluorescent lighting became popular, office workers began experiencing a phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome.” SBS is comprised of a host of nonspecific symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, personality changes, and, in some cases, much worse.

It didn’t take long for doctors to figure out that one of the primary causes of SBS was the poor lighting conditions offered by fluorescents, particularly in windowless office buildings. As Psychology Today puts it:

“Sure enough, numerous studies point to light quality, color temperature, or certain spectral patterns inducing a stress response. Interestingly, the effects are non-visual, meaning they are caused by light signals that hit the eye’s retina but that do not travel from there to the visual cortex (where we perceive images), but rather to the circadian pathways.”

Prolonged exposure to this “stress response” is one of the primary factors in decreased motivation and poor productivity. So how do you improve your lighting conditions, thereby making your staff more comfortable and healthier?

The answer is simple: upgrade your lighting control system.

Smart Lighting Simplifies Workplace Health

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Design and Integration Association expo, lighting giant Lutron announced they had acquired Ketra, a leader in tunable lighting solutions.

Tunable lighting is a huge advancement in smart lighting control. By automating adjustment of the bulbs’ color temperature, Ketra can simulate the visual and non-visual impact of natural sunlight. More importantly, it can change throughout the day to reflect the changes you’d experience outside.

The result is a system that helps you stay focused, reduces stress, and even helps you sleep after you leave the office.

As part of a total smart system, including motorized shade solutions, that allow appropriate levels of natural light into your workspace, Ketra can work to make your business more efficient and productive.

Think upgrading your lighting control system is out of reach? Installing smart technology can help reduce energy costs, enhance security, and, of course, promote a healthier workday.

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