How Strong Networks Improve Home and Business Technology

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How Strong Networks Improve Home and Business Technology

Every connected device in your home or business depends on reliable network service to work properly

How Strong Networks Improve Home and Business Technology

We’re all familiar with the frustration of spotty Internet service. Unreliable connections make enjoying your devices at home much more of a challenge and can cause serious problems for your business. And yet, too many homeowners and employers don’t include a proper network in their house or their business, resulting in unnecessary headaches. We’ve put together a list of reasons why any Durham resident or business should invest in a professional network installation.





First and foremost, you want the devices in your home to work smoothly whenever you use them. The proliferation of home gadgets with Internet connectivity built in is growing every day, and every connected device you install puts a greater burden on your home network.

Let’s look at whole home audio as an example. These systems are designed to allow for easy streaming of audio content in any room at a moment’s notice. Depending on the size of your home, the number of speakers involved and the connections that have been set up, you may have dozens of devices trying to talk to each other across significant distances. If your network isn’t up to the task, you may experience glitches or outright device failure if your speakers can’t get a strong enough signal from your audio receiver.

These technical hurdles will be compounded if you opt to link several systems together with one control device. You can’t expect your lights, motorized shades, A/V equipment and temperature controls to work in harmony if the network connecting all those devices puts out a weak signal. The lesson here: Make sure your network can not only handle whatever equipment you currently have installed, but also any additions or changes you may make in the future.



If a strong network is a matter of convenience for homeowners, it’s an absolute necessity for successful businesses. An inadequate network will cost you time, money, productivity and potential sales, and those are all things you can’t afford to lose.

To start with, chances are there are many more connected devices in your business than the average home. These devices include obvious things like your employees’ computers and smartphones, but also devices like projectors, TVs, teleconference systems, servers and more.

It’s crucial that these devices not only work well individually, but also collectively. Time spent troubleshooting a bad connection on a conference or sales call is time that could be better spent elsewhere, and there’s a chance a potential customer may give up in frustration. Similarly, your employees need to be able to access your servers without worrying about delays due to network hiccups.

Another crucial component of networks for businesses is security; the data you have stored on your servers is priceless and needs to be protected. A network that’s securely protected from hackers, malware and other digital threats will help keep your data safe. We also recommend proper backups in place in case part of your system fails. Hardware and software failures are both inevitable and unpredictable, but a reliable system of backups will keep you prepared for any calamity.



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