How to Ensure Full Network Coverage in Your Business

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How to Ensure Full Network Coverage in Your Business

Rely on a Commercial Networking Solution that Offers Blazing Speeds, Secure Connections, and Abundant Wireless Access Points

How to Ensure Full Network Coverage in Your Business

The business world is on the internet. Whether you're working in a Raleigh office or somewhere halfway around the globe, you must rely on your internet connections to help you get the job done. And to do that, you need a commercial networking solution that offers the services you need. If you're not receiving the fastest internet speeds, you're not alone. Keep reading to find out how a network upgrade can transform your workday for the better.


The Need-to-Knows of Networking

The good news is, the internet is faster than ever. The bad news is, you may not be seeing it in your Raleigh business. That’s because an out-of-date networking setup can drastically slow down internet service provider (ISP) speeds. A commercial network includes modems, routers, switches, wireless access points, and cables – and each must be capable of facilitating high-speed connections for optimal results.

A modem is like the internet’s gateway into your business. It connects your network to the ISP’s. Modems often come built into routers, which tell the internet signal where to go. Your business network starts at the router and connects to each internet-enabled device in your building, from the computers to the smart lighting control system, and more.

Along the way, switches help connect devices within the network. If you have multiple components, like in a commercial automation system, switches help manage the internet connections among them.

Wireless access points are components that allow users to connect to Wi-Fi without connecting directly to the router. In other words, if your business takes up multiple stories of a building, you don’t want to connect your iPad to a router in the basement. WAPs will ensure faster speeds and stronger connections by being much closer to you.

Building an Optimized Network

Your network is the backbone of your business, so it needs to run efficiently to ensure the best results. At Top Shelf, we have years of experience and the latest techniques to deliver the performance you need.

Each business is different, and we tailor our systems to what you do on a daily basis. Whether you want to ensure secure connections, enable guest access, or distribute AV throughout your space, we can customize a solution.

If you want to get started with blazing speeds and stronger connections, click here or give us a call at (919) 408-7451 today!