Is This the Most Important Aspect of Your Home Theater?

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Is This the Most Important Aspect of Your Home Theater?

No Home Theater Installation Is Complete Without Lighting Control

Is This the Most Important Aspect of Your Home Theater?

A big screen, immersive audio, and millions of movies at your fingertips – why wouldn't you consider a home theater installation in your Chapel Hill, NC residence? It's a comfortable way to watch movies in a room optimized for AV playback. But it's easy to get caught up in the technology and overlook some crucial aspects of building an effective theater. With a private cinema, you have a perfect opportunity to explore lighting design and control. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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How Lighting Works in a Home Theater

Home theater lighting must be precise, and fixtures should be strategically placed. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining your movie-watching experience. And you're not limited to overhead fixtures to create the perfect look and conditions; get creative with your design to help maximize the space aesthetically as well as functionally.

Along with overhead fixtures, you can enjoy a wide array of configurations. Consider wall sconces, backlighting behind the screen and acoustical panels, and track lighting along walkways.

Additionally, cover all windows with opaque blackout curtains to minimize ambient light. Theater shades typically work best when running along sidetracks that block light from escaping from behind the shade.

An essential element of good theater lighting design is making sure the lights don't wash out the projected image. While you want to watch your movies in a dark room, you'll want to leave some fixtures on that allow you to get up and move around when necessary. A quality design will ensure there are ample fixtures for visibility that are installed to avoid disrupting the movie.

Simplifying Control with Automation

A home theater is full of technology. So, the best way to enjoy it is by making it simple. From turning the system on to selecting a movie, a smart control system can help ease the potential confusion so many devices can cause. It can also streamline access to lighting and shading control.

For instance, when you're ready to sit down and watch a movie, a single tap on an integrated control interface can prepare the room. The AV system turns on, the lights dim, the shades lower, and you're ready to select a movie.

When it's time to get up, quickly find the lighting controls on the same touch-panel device and only adjust the lighting fixtures you want to affect. With integrated control, you can get the most out of your theater lighting design.

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