Light up the Nights With Home Lighting Control

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Light up the Nights With Home Lighting Control

Enjoy Backyard Activities All Night Long With Smart Lighting

Light up the Nights With Home Lighting Control

Now that summer’s nearly over, you’re probably not spending as much time in your backyard, enjoying family barbeques and taking dips in the pool. But once the warm weather isn’t completely gone yet, and the fun is over! Not if you integrate outdoor home lighting control solutions. They can make your outdoor spaces safer while adding beauty to your backyard. In this blog, we’ll focus on some smart ways you can enjoy outdoor lighting control. Read more after the jump.

Light up the Yard for Style and Safety

This season, you’re probably spending a lot of time in the backyard. But at night, it can present some hazards that you might not expect. Whether it’s that your kid forgot to roll up the garden hose after his afternoon chores, or Fido decided to leave you a surprise present, you don’t want to step on (or in) anything once the sun goes down. Smart lighting can help illuminate your way at night by elegantly highlighting the areas of your landscape you want to show off.

Illuminate the Pool

Swimming at night can be dangerous if you don’t know where you’re going. Thankfully, you can light up your pool with underwater lights that look great while keeping you safe. Choose from a variety of waterproof, LED fixtures that will brighten any pool.

LED is particularly desirable for your pool because they are known to last for an extremely long time – up to 11 years with regular use. Plus, LEDs can be made with completely bio-degradable components, meaning you won’t have to worry about swimming in harmful chemicals.

Lastly, LED offers a lot of great aesthetic capabilities, like adjustable brightness, color temperature and hue so you can create the perfect nighttime environment for any occasion.

Automat for Security

Of course, lights can be helpful even when you’re not using the yard or pool area. Be sure to install security floodlights to make sure you catch every detail of what’s going on in and around you home at night. Floodlights may not look pretty, but when they’re combined with motion detectors and other automatic sensors, you can trust that they’ll keep you safe.

And you don’t have to worry about Fido or some wayward raccoon setting off the lights every time they step through your yard. Advanced features like height sensors ensure only appropriate disturbances activate your system.

Are you ready to enjoy safer and more beautiful spaces this summer? Contact Top Shelf Audio Video and Security for more information today!