No Matter Your Home Type, Control4 Fits Your Lifestyle

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No Matter Your Home Type, Control4 Fits Your Lifestyle

Top Shelf Is Your Local Control4 Dealer

No Matter Your Home Type, Control4 Fits Your Lifestyle

Did you know that 77 percent of Americans would prefer some type of smart technology in their homes? According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker, more and more people are reporting they currently enjoy smart home devices and that they would seek out homes with the same kind of technology already installed for their next residence. As a result, one of the easiest ways to raise your home value in Durham, NC is by installing a smart home system.

But how do you know what technology is right for your space? And how do you approach retrofit and new construction projects? As your local Control4 dealer, we have your answers below.


Building a Home with Smart Technology

The Research Triangle is one of the busiest new construction markets in the country. With a huge influx of retail and restaurants popping up around the area, new homes have continued apace. Last year saw the construction of more than 6000 new residential properties, and homeowners thinking about building their new living space with smart technology in mind are already ahead of the curve.

Control4 offers smart solutions for new homes to manage lights, climate, entertainment, and more. If you’re able to wire your space when the walls are still open, you can increase your potential home value before it’s even complete.

Wired solutions are more reliable than wireless systems and require less maintenance throughout the device’s life. Plus, professionally designed hardwired solutions are built to be scalable, meaning you can continue to grow over time as you become more comfortable with your technology.

Adding Technology to Old Construction

Durham has roots that go back to before the Revolutionary War. As such, it features plenty of beautiful, old buildings that are still active residences today. If you live in an older home, you may think it’s impossible to add modern, smart technology to your space. In fact, Control4 makes it easy.

In many cases, old construction makes it impossible, or extremely inconvenient, to add hardwired technology solutions to each of your spaces. Control4 recognizes the issues many homeowners face and offers reliable, scalable, wireless and radio frequency solutions.

Wireless solutions are perfect for preserving old homes because they don’t require your installer to cut into walls or run wires throughout your property. The best part? Local, wall-mounted dimmers, switches, and control panels can connect with a centralized system so it just takes a single touch to adjust any electronic system in your home.

Additionally, Control4 allows for hybrid control. That means, if you add a wing or remodel your kitchen, you can enjoy both hardwired and wireless control over the same system.

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