What Commercial Networking Solution Is Right for Your Business?

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What Commercial Networking Solution Is Right for Your Business?

Your Business May Need More Than Just a Router

What Commercial Networking Solution Is Right for Your Business?

Any good business is built for scalability. Whether you're just starting in Raleigh, NC or you're trying to expand into new markets, you need to put systems in place that will help you grow. That's true for your staff and services -- and it's especially true for your technology. When you're installing a network, you need one to facilitate all your daily functions. But that doesn't mean you need to invest in enterprise level solutions if you're running a small business. In this blog, we'll show you how to choose a commercial networking solution that’s right for your business, no matter the size.


The Basics

While network requirements sometimes vary, every network will have specific components. A network is when multiple PCs can share files, print items, save onto a server, and all connect via a switch. A switch is what connects various devices and creates the concept of the network. The most common type of switch you’ll find in most small, modern offices is the router.

Available in both wired and wireless options, a router is like a "smart" switch. It connects all devices in your network but also prioritizes the use of the Internet to facilitate those connections. Wireless routers also act as access points, which connect your office to the Internet.

Growing Your Network

Most small businesses will operate with an unmanaged switch. These devices are user-friendly and don’t require regular monitoring.

Once a business starts to grow, you'll need to expand your IT abilities. Larger companies will likely invest in a managed switch, which gives a lot more control over how access and connections to the Internet function in your business. More managed control means faster, more reliable connections for your most important functions. In the case of a managed switch, an IT professional is typically on hand to operate it.

There are also hybrid options available that take some of the heavy lifting off of your shoulders but still provide a higher level of control.

Consult a Professional

Now that you know some of the differences between a small business network and larger-scale, enterprise solutions, it’s time to consider the realities of installing a network in your business.

Building a network is a bit more complicated than just installing a router. You’ll also have to consider cabling structures, prioritization software, and the components that will attach to your system. For instance, while your network will primarily support business operations, you may consider adding energy-saving smart automation to your system that needs network support.

The best way to determine your network requirements is by consulting a technology professional. Click here to schedule a consultation today.

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