What Home Lighting Control Can Do For You

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What Home Lighting Control Can Do For You

All the Ways Smart Lighting Impacts Your Cary, NC Property

What Home Lighting Control Can Do For You

When you consider upgrading your property with smart automation, you probably think of the cool ways you can enjoy your favorite entertainment or enhance your security. But one of the most critical aspects of smart technology is often one of the most frequently overlooked: home lighting control. When integrating the technology in your Cary, NC property, consider the different ways that smart lighting can impact your system. In this blog, we’ll explain them in detail. Read more after the jump. 


Enhance Beauty

Integrated lighting’s most obvious benefit is probably the beauty it brings to your spaces. With a few simple commands, you can set your lights in a gorgeous, layered pattern to highlight the areas of the room you want to focus on most. Then, you can save that setting and return to it with a single touch at will.

Additionally, with smart lighting you also have the option of recessed fixtures. Those are units that sit within the ceiling so you never have to look at them; simply enjoy the light they provide. These fixtures help reduce wall clutter and make it much easier for you to achieve a clean aesthetic.

Save Energy

Smart lighting does more than just make your home look pretty. It can also help you save energy each month. Integrated lighting fixtures work with each connected piece of smart technology to offer updates on consumption in real-time. You can even set limits on the devices, so they automatically dim once a pre-set limit for energy usage has been reached. Moreover, you can integrate daylight harvesting sensors that allows your system to recognize when there is sufficient natural light in the room and minimizes the brightness accordingly.

Plus, many modern smart fixtures are illuminated by LED. As opposed to incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, LED are some of the most efficient lights around. Through minimal energy consumption and long lifespans, you can rest easy knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint by integrating LEDs.

Bolster Security

There’s no better way to ward off potential threats than through lighting. While it’s important to integrate other security features, smart lighting is among the first lines of defense for your home. Set up mockupancy settings that make it appear you’re at home, even when you’re miles away. Integrate motion-sensing floodlights that fill your outdoor areas with light when movement is detected.

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