Why Work with a Control4 Dealer on Your Next Lighting Upgrade?

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Why Work with a Control4 Dealer on Your Next Lighting Upgrade?

An Experienced Automation Company Offers Smart Lighting Solutions

Why  Work with a Control4 Dealer on Your Next Lighting Upgrade?

When considering the next lighting upgrade for your Chapel Hill business, you may be tempted to work with some big-name manufacturers. After all, if you work with a company dedicated to one thing, you’re bound to get the best results, right?

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, you’ll enjoy a lighting system that works to help you reduce energy costs, enhance productivity, and increase comfort throughout your office.

On the other hand – you can’t guarantee the system will integrate seamlessly with any additional technology you may add.

In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s a smart idea to work with a Control4 dealer for your next commercial lighting upgrade. Find out more by reading below.




Centralized Control

One of the key benefits of any kind of automation system is centralized control. You’ll no longer have to get up and dim the lights if it’s getting too bright in your space.

Managers and team members can maintain command of the entire system from a connected tablet or smartphone device. That means you can quickly, physically adjust the lights whenever it’s necessary.

But Control4 isn’t about simplifying controls – it’s about automation. That means hands-free adjustments to your lighting system.

For instance, Control4 allows you to install sensors that keep track of the amount of light in the space. If there’s plenty of natural sunlight, your system will adjust automatically by dimming the fixtures.

Plus, Control4’s award-winning interface makes it easy to check real-time energy-use statistics, which lighting zones remain on or off, and other important data that can have a huge impact on your lighting bill.


Smart Integration

Unlike a dedicated lighting company, Control4 is designed to work with your other smart technology from the start. Whether you want to integrate other comfort controls like motorized shades and thermostats, or you want to connect smart security devices, you can get the most out of your system.

Integrated control means you and your staff only have to use a single device – even a single button – to group commands and effect the technology in your workspace.

For instance, if your staff is ready to leave at the end of the day, a single touch will turn off all the lights, lower the shades, arm the security system and adjust the thermostat to an away setting.

That means you save time and get the most out of all your electronics.

How can your business benefit from working with a Control4 dealer? There are plenty of ways!


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