Why Your Business Needs a Professional Audio Video System

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Why Your Business Needs a Professional Audio Video System

Bring Customers in and Keep Them Longer

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Audio Video System

Whether you’re running an independent coffee shop or a niche boutique, you know how important your image is to your customers.

While you may serve the finest drip or offer the most hard-to-find fashions, nobody will want to spend time and money at your establishment if it can’t offer them the right environment. And the easiest way to do that is with an audio video system.

The right music, especially, can help impact how much time your customers spend with you. Of course, you’ll need the right system, too.

In this blog, we’ll show you the benefits of working with a professional when it comes to audio video installation for your Chapel Hill business. Just keep reading for more.




How Music Affects Customers

Playing the right music can cause customers to stay in your establishment longer, and even help them decide what to buy.

This concept is well studied, and it can have a big impact on the way your business operates. For instance, in a 1982 study, researchers found strong connections between tempo and behavior in a retail environment. According to Motive Metrics:

“The experimental design was simple but the results were insightful: playing slow music led to A) significantly more time spent in the store and B) a significant increase (32%) in gross product sales when compared to behavior when fast music was playing.”

Essentially, customers who spend more time in your store are more likely to spend more money. Studies have also concluded that factors like genre and volume can have a huge impact as well.

The lesson is clear: an audio video installation is extremely important to your retail or restaurant business.


Why You Need a Professional Installation

Now that you know a little bit about how music can create the right environment, you may be tempted to start playing some in your store or eatery. But will a few Sonos speakers around the space do the trick?

While that may seem like a more cost-effective route than hiring a professional, the truth is your customers can easily tell the difference between a well-designed audio system and one that’s just thrown up in a few minutes.

A professionally installed system means you don’t have to look at bulky components cluttering your space and disrupting your aesthetic. It also means integrated control over the entire system, so you can easily select a playlist and stream high-quality music throughout your space. But most importantly, it means that your installation will have no harsh sounding or overly loud areas that can ruin the soundscape of your business.

If you’re looking for a musical upgrade for your business, it’s easy to get started. Reach out to us or just click the button at the bottom of your screen to chat with a member of our staff right now.